Protecting Your Property This Winter

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With the arrival of the cold winter weather, it is important to ensure your property is protected from loss or damage which these conditions can cause. Below you will find some useful pointers, which will help you protect your property from winter temperatures and the risk of burst or freezing water pipes:

  • Make sure your pipes both inside and outside the property are properly insulated to avoid them freezing.
  • Leave the underside of tanks free from insulation to ensure rising heat can reach them.
  • If you have a holiday home or are leaving your property unoccupied this winter:
    • Have a responsible person regularly check the property to help identify issues to address them promptly;
    • The electricity and water must be turned off at the mains and the water system drained.
    • Alternatively you can set the central heating system to automatically come into use daily by means of a timer switch with the thermostat set to maintain a minimum constant temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit /5 degrees Celsius and the loft door left open where fitted.

Checklist for protecting your property during the winter months:

  • Regularly clear any leaves and other debris from your gutters to avoid rainwater overflowing onto your roof.
  • Check roof tiles and slates are secure to prevent any water damage.
  • Remove dead/damaged branches from any trees which could damage your property in stormy weather.
  • Store your garden furniture in a properly sealed shed, garage or conservatory.
  • Never leave candles lit in an empty room.
  • Check the attic has adequate ventilation.
  • Double check that your smoke alarms work.

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