Home Contents Calculator

Our Home Contents Sum Insured Calculator will assist you in calculating your contents sum insured. Please add up the cost of replacing as new the contents or categories of property described for each room or category and insert this figure in the sub-total column. The calculator will then automatically calculate your contents sum insured.

To assist you we have listed the kinds of items that you would usually find in each of the rooms or categories of property in your home. You may however have additional items of property unique to you for example those relating to a hobby you have or if you are a DIY enthusiast. You should make an appropriate allowance in your calculation for all such additional items of property.

Rugs*, Carpets* & Blinds, Furniture, TV/Video& Audio Equipment, Ornaments, Pictures, Mirrors, Clocks, books, cd/dvd’s and any collections of silver, glass, china, precious metals or similar.
Dining Table & Chairs, furniture, Pictures, Mirrors, Ornaments, any collections, Carpets*, Rugs*, Curtains & Blinds.
All electrical appliances such as Cookers, Fridges, Freezers, Washing machines, Dishwashers etc. Cooking & Cleaning equipment, Food, Crockery, Curtains, Carpets*, Rugs* & Curtains & Blinds.
Rugs*, Carpets* & Blinds, Furniture, Ornaments & Pictures.
Beds, Furniture, TV/Video & Audio Equipment, Clothing & Footwear*, Linen & Bedding*, Ornaments, Pictures, Carpets*, Rugs*, Curtains & Blinds
Towels*, Mirrors, Pictures, Bathroom furniture, Carpets*, Rugs*, Curtains* & Blinds.
Domestic Tools, Garden Equipment, Furniture, Ladders & Pedal Cycles
Miscellaneous items stored
All Jewellery, Watches, Personal Effects, Sports Equipment & Accessories, Cameras & Camcorders
PC’s, Laptops, Home Office Equipment, Toys, Prams, Game Consoles and other Miscellaneous items
Total (€/£)

* Allowances should be made for deductions from replacement cost due to wear & tear.