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You cannot avail of the Business Travel Insurance policy if you work in any of the following:

  • Construction (e.g. jobbing builders, maintenance companies, groundwork, contractors, bricklayers, roofers, road layers, motorway maintenance and tunnel/pipe/cable layers)
  • Foundry/Steelworks (i.e. involved in the manufacture of raw materials)
  • Window Cleaners (Domestic or General)
  • Forestry/Sawmill
  • Mining (both opencast and quarrying)
  • Police/Fire/Ambulance Services
  • Professional Sports people and Entertainers (where Your livelihood depends on You being able to participate in sports, athletics or entertainment)
  • Abbatoirs and Slaughterhouses
  • Aircrew
  • Agricultural and Horticultural work
  • Farming and Fish Farming
  • Trawlers
  • Media Groups