Statement of Fact

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Quotations are subject to the following:

The Proposer or any partner of the Proposer, director or principal of the Company

  • has never been convicted of a criminal offence
  • has never had a proposal declined
  • has never had special terms or conditions imposed by an Insurer
  • does not undertake any manual work away from the premises other than collection and delivery

The Premises

  • Standard Construction

(Buildings being built mainly of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slates, non-combustible tiles, concrete, asphalt, metal or sheets or slabs composed entirely of non-combustible mineral ingredients, excluding timber frame construction)

  • Is not in an area which has been or is likely to be subject to flooding and/or subsidence, nor where flooding or subsidence has occurred.

Flood/Subsidence maps must be consulted and the final decision on flood/subsidence rests with insures.

Insurers reserve the right to exclude flood/subsidence cover or impose additional terms.

  • Is not a listed building or over 100 years old
  • Is in a good state of repair and will be so maintained
  • Electrical installation is less than 20 years, in good condition and in compliance with ECTI standards
  • Is heated by fixed oil, electrical storage heaters, or gas installation or liquid petroleum gas located and secured in accordance with current standards.

Claims Acceptance Criteria

The Proposer may NOT, in the last 5 years:

  • Have incurred more than 2 claims/losses
  • Have incurred a claim or claims with a total value exceeding €6,000
  • Have incurred any Flood or Subsidence claims
  • Have Outstanding Liability claims


  • External Doors by mortice deadlocks or deadlocking rim latches, French Windows / Patio doors by appropriate security locks, windows by window locks and Alarm to IS199 standard.