Travel: Medical and General Conditions

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To ensure you are covered when you travel you need to ensure that you are NOT:

  • receiving or on a waiting list for treatment in a hospital or nursing home
  • travelling against the advice of a medically qualified doctor
  • travelling to obtain medical, dental or cosmetic treatment
  • travelling with a terminal condition
  • choosing not to take prescribed medication, or the correct dose of prescribed medication
  • waiting for investigation or referral, or the results of any investigation, medical treatment or surgical procedure, for any condition, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed



The policy will not pay for any costs relating to Medical and Additional Expenses due to complications in pregnancy if travelling between 28-35 (inclusive) weeks, unless You provide a medical certificate issued by a doctor or midwife confirming the number of weeks pregnant and that you are fit to travel to your holiday abroad. The certificate must be dated no earlier than 5 days before the outbound travel date.



The policy will not pay for any costs due to post traumatic stress disorder, or any psychological or psychiatric condition diagnosed before a holiday begins.



The policy will not pay for any costs due to:-

  • infection with Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) or other forms of the virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and AIDS-related Complex (ARC); or
  • sexually transmitted disease



The policy will not pay any costs due to:-

  • suicide, attempted suicide or deliberate self-inflicted injury by any person insured regardless of their state of mental health; or
  • needless self-exposure to danger except in an attempt to save a human life



The policy will not pay any costs due to:-

  • misuse of alcohol or solvents by any person insured;
  • drugs ingested by a person insured except for drugs which are properly prescribed; and
  • the person insured driving a vehicle of any kind whilst the alcohol level in his or her blood exceeds the legal limit of the country where he or she is driving



In addition to the requirements of Chubb’s Medical and General Conditions we recommend that you disclose any other pre-existing medical conditions to any Insurer prior to purchasing a Travel Insurance policy to ensure that full policy cover will operate