Financial Planning Services for IIRRT Members

Glennon have arranged a Financial Review Service for a range of Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection and Pension Products for IIRRT members and their spouses or partners.

On completion of our initial consultation we will find the most appropriate product and cover to suit your needs. Glennon want to ensure that you and your family are protected.

Mortgage Protection

Glennon are highly experienced in arranging this type of cover and understand the time constraints you may be under when purchasing a new home or property.

A Mortgage Protection Policy is a requirement of all mortgage lenders. This type of policy is designed to pay off the balance of your mortgage in the event of death. Specified Serious Illness cover can also be added to your policy to provide reassurance that your mortgage commitments will be taken care of in the event that you suffer from one of the critical illnesses specified in the policy.

Life Assurance

Glennon will work with you to calculate the right amount of cover to protect you and your family in the event of tragedy.

A Life Assurance Policy will pay out a lump sum benefit to the deceased person’s estate on their death during the period of the policy.  This cover is important as this money can be used to help maintain a reasonable standard of living for family or dependents to soften the financial burden of losing a loved one who may be the main source of your family’s income.

Income Protection

Glennon work with clients from many different professions. In our experience, most people don’t view their income as an asset, despite the fact that it pays for most outgoings such as a mortgage, utility bills, children’s education, health and other insurance and lifestyle expenses.

An Income Protection Policy is a very important policy to have in place in the event you become unable to work due to long-term illness or disability. This type of policy pays up to 75% of lost salary, less any social welfare entitlement. Unlike other protection policies Income Protection pays a taxable monthly benefit rather than a once-off lump sum.

One additional advantage this type of product has is that the premiums qualify for tax relief at the individual’s marginal rate (20% or 40% currently) if it is a personal policy or at the corporate tax rate (12.5%) if paid by a company.


Glennon offer a comprehensive financial and retirement planning service offering impartial and expert advice on; correct structures, investments, availing of all available tax reliefs and advice on the consolidation of pensions from previous employment.

Pensions are a revenue approved, tax efficient vehicle, allowing you to save and provision for your retirement. Throughout your working life your pension funds can be built up, to help you to maintain your standard of living in retirement. There are a wide range of investment options and pension types available, and this is where our expertise comes in.

In order to arrange an initial, no obligation consultation with one of our advisors or if you need any advice or assistance for any of your Financial Planning needs Just Contact Us!