Medical & Dental Insurance

  • Segment will provide its Irish employees with private medical and dental insurance under the Irish Life Health 4D 5 Plan (Medical) and DeCare Dental Teamcare Level 3 Plus. Premiums due for you under this plan will be provided in full by the company, and the company will also cover the full cost for your spouse and your children, where applicable.
  • The plans provides cover for approved in-patient and out-patient treatments. Please refer to the Irish Life Health and DeCare Dental policies which sets out details of the benefits provided under the plan.
  • Segment meets the full cost of this cover, including the premiums paid on behalf of your spouse and child(ren). Premiums paid by the employer are treated as a benefit-in-kind tax liability to the employee.

For any questions in relation to the Medical & Dental Insurance please contact our local advisors Glennon Employee Benefits.
\ +353 (0) 1-7075880.