If you have been unfortunate to suffer loss or damage to your property, contents or if someone has been injured please inform ourselves or your Home Insurer as soon as possible.

Glennons have a dedicated Home Claims Team who will provide you with all of the advice and assistance you will need to make the processing of your claim run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Please contact us on our helpline 01 7075867 or alternatively complete our Make a Home Claim notification or contact your Insurers Home Claims Assistance number where one is provided.

If you are in doubt as to whether the incident is covered report the loss anyway as you may find your policy provides more cover than you realise.

Most Insurers also provide a Home Emergency Assistance service which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will provide you with rapid access to tradesmen and repairers for emergencies such as burst pipes, roof damage or broken windows. If you use one of the Emergency Services you are responsible for paying the bill but if the damage is covered by your policy the Insurer may reimburse all or part of these costs less the policy excess, however the emergency call out charge is not covered by some Insurers.

In order to avail of such assistance you must contact your own insurers Emergency Assistance Number. Please view our list of insurers Home Emergency Assistance Numbers for further information.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to make a home claim. If you encounter difficulties or you require assistance at any stage of the claims process please call our claims staff who will provide you with every help and assistance.

Step 1

Contact us or your insurer immediately on the helpline numbers provided. Details of your claim will be taken and a claim form issued to you together with a request for any other information or documents such as estimates and invoices your insurer requires to process your claim.

It is important that all of these documents and information are provided promptly to your insurer as failure to furnish such information or documents within the time-frame detailed in your policy, usually 30 days could adversely affect their attitude towards settlement of your claim.

If your claim relates to an incident of stealing, attempted stealing, loss of property or vandalism or loss, destruction, damage or injury by malicious persons you must immediately report the incident to the Gardai/Police and ensure that the Garda/Police report section of the claim form is completed where applicable.

Step 2

Except in an emergency where immediate repairs are necessary to prevent further damage no repairs should be carried out or any item replaced without first having obtained the approval of your insurer. Failure to obtain such approval could mean the cost of repairs or replacement will not be paid by them. In certain circumstances your insurer may arrange to replace items by their approved suppliers or arrange to have repairs carried out by their contractors as they are entitled to do under the terms of their policy.

Where immediate emergency repairs are necessary to protect your property it would be usual for an insurer to agree to such repairs as long as you keep the repair account and any damaged parts where applicable.  Some insurers provide a Home Emergency Assistance Service giving you rapid access to tradesmen who can assist you in such circumstances.

Step 3

Depending on the extent of the damage your insurers may appoint an assessor who will be acting on their behalf to assess and agree settlement of your claim. The assessor will contact you to arrange an appointment to inspect the damage and discuss your claim at a time convenient to you.

Please note that you are also free to appoint your own assessor to act on your own behalf at your own expense.

Step 4

When your insurer or their assessor receives the completed claim form and all supporting documents and information they will process your claim and forward their proposed settlement details to you.

Step 5

When you provide written or verbal acceptance of this offer to your insurer they will proceed to issue their cheque in settlement of your claim or arrange for the repairs to be carried out or the damaged property to be replaced.

If you have a query please Contact Us