If you are going to drive your vehicle abroad there are numerous rules and regulations, bye laws and procedures that differ from country to country. The following provides some information which we hope you will find useful regarding travelling within Europe.

Always refer to your Motor Insurance policy booklet before taking a vehicle out of the Republic of Ireland. Some Insurers will automatically extend your cover whilst travelling within the EU for a set period of time or some may only provide the minimum legal Insurance required to comply with the laws relating to the compulsory insurance of motor vehicles in the country in which you are travelling if you have not notified them of your trip in advance.

Always carry your driving licence, original vehicle registration document, Motor Insurance Certificate/Policy Booklet and passport. A provisional licence is unacceptable and the minimum driving age in most countries is 18. If the vehicle is borrowed you will need a letter of authority from the registered keeper.

Always check your tyres carefully, including the spare. If you think they are likely to be worn down to below 2mm before you get back, replace them before you go

Remember that children under 12 and/or 1.5 metres in height are not permitted to travel as front seat passengers in some countries and in others may only do so when using an approved restraint system. However, never use a rearward facing child restraint in the front seat with an airbag.

Always drive on the right and overtake on the left except when travelling in the Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Malta.

How to locate the local claims representative for an Irish Insurance Company in a country in the European Economic Area

If you are visiting another country in the European Economic Area or your vehicle is involved in an accident in another country in the European Economic Area your Insurer will provide assistance via their claims assistance helpline number or you can contact the local claims representative appointed by them in that country. To find the claims representative appointed by your Insurer in another European Economic Area please send an email to Infocentre@mibi.ie with the following details: The name of the Irish insurer and your home country and they will reply to your email with the relevant details. More information is available on the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland website.

The attached Table contains information on emergency, regulations on headlights, driving with passengers & children, Speed Limits applicable and other additional information on other countries within Europe – click here to view it.

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