The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) is Ireland’s independent state body for the assessment of personal injury compensation for victims of Motor, Workplace and Public Liability accidents.

This assessment is provided without the need for the majority of current litigation costs, such as Solicitors, Barristers and Experts’ fees that significantly add to the average cost of a claim. In exceptional cases legal or expert fees may also apply and they will examine each case on its own merits.

The other benefit of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board is that they will reduce the amount of time it takes to finalise a compensation claim. Under the court system it can could take up to three years to settle a claim, however in comparison it generally takes seven months to settle a personal injury claim via the Injuries Board.

If you have suffered personal injury and intend to seek compensation from a negligent third party the following information will help explain the process in pursuing your claim through the Personal Injuries Assessment Board.

How the Claim Process works

  1. Fill out a claim application form online at or complete and send to them by post along with a copy of your medical report and a processing fee.
  2. The Respondent i.e. who you are claiming against will then receive notification of your claim from PIAB.
  3. The Respondent or their representatives e.g. their insurance company will then agree or disagree to the assessment of your claim by PIAB.
  4. PIAB may also arrange an independent medical examination on your behalf.
  5. PIAB will assess the amount of compensation (monetary value of your claim).
  6. On both the Claimant and the Respondent accepting the amount of compensation. The Respondent will issue a settlement cheque.

Compensation Levels

A PIAB compensation assessment is made on the same basis and principles as damages measured by the Courts.

They base the level of compensation being awarded on the medical report submitted by your own doctor and also the report of the independent medical examiner arranged by PIAB where applicable.

They will also assess compensation levels based on the Book of Quantum which is an aid in the assessment of compensation levels for pain and suffering in respect of specified types of injury.

Additional compensation amounts will also be taken into account for things such as Medical expenses, loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses.

The PIAB website also provides a guide, which will provide you with an idea to the General Damages you may receive for injuries to certain parts of the body e.g. Neck Injuries ranging from €15,700 to €77,900 for whiplash type claims depending on the severity and length of the injury.

For further information please visit the Personal Injuries Assessment Board website

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