International Driving Licences

An international driving licence is a temporary driving licence which allows motorists to drive vehicles in other countries without having to pass a further driving test or re-apply for a license to drive. An international driving licence provides confirmation that you have a valid driving licence issued by the correct authority in your home country.

If you are travelling abroad and wish to drive in another country, you may very likely require an international driving license. International driving licenses issued in Ireland are only available to Irish residents with a current full driving licence and are issued for a period of one year from the date of issue.

When travelling abroad, you should always carry your own driving license even when you have an international equivalent as you may be required to produce this licence for inspection, for example, when hiring a car abroad.

If you are travelling to any country for longer than three months, to take up residence or employment, or for any reason other than tourism, you should make enquiries about your personal requirements before relying on an international licence.

There are two types of international driving permit issued in Ireland:

  • A 1949 Convention International Driving Permit, which is the most commonly issued driving permit and is recognised in most countries
  • A 1926 Convention International Driving Permit, which is required for the following countries – Brazil, Iraq, Nigeria and Somalia.

How to apply for an International Driving Licence

The license costs €10.00 and is valid for 1 year.

If you require both a 1949 Convention International Driving Permit and a 1926 Convention International Driving Permit, this will cost €20. For postal deliveries a €5.00 postal charge will also apply per permit requested

Your payment must be accompanied by a completed International Driving Permit Application form which is available from most AA outlets and must be accompanied by the following,

  • A full, valid Irish driving licence or a full valid driving permit from another European Union or European Economic Area country
  • A passport photograph signed on the back

If you are from a European Union/European Economic Area country and possess a full valid driving permit from your home country, you are also required to supply a copy of a utility bill (i.e., an electricity, telephone or gas bill) showing your address in Ireland. You will also be required to sign a declaration of residency on the application form

If you want to apply for both a 1949 Convention International Driving Permit and a 1926 Convention International Driving Permit, you must make two separate applications.

The form, payment and supporting documentation must be sent to AA Travel Services, 56 Drury Street, Dublin 2 who will process the application and issue the licence.

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