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If you have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a motor accident, theft or attempted theft resulting in damage to your car and want to make a claim or report an incident please call us on our helpline +353 (0)1 7075999 or complete our Make a Car Claim notification. You can also notify most insurers directly of an incident via their Motor Claims Assistance Numbers where one is provided all of which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please view our list of Insurer’s Accident, Fire, Theft & Windscreen Claim Emergency Assistance Numbers for further information. It is important that you notify every incident of loss, damage or injury promptly to us or your insurer.

The insurers Motor Claims Assistance Service will usually provide you with assistance to get your car back on the road there and then if possible, or if your car is badly damaged ensure that you and your passengers are brought home safely and arrange for your car to be towed to the nearest approved repairer. Insurers will also usually provide a courtesy car or pay the cost of your hiring a temporary replacement car while your own car is undergoing repairs. The benefits offered by each insurer’s emergency assistance service do vary and before incurring any costs you should check on your insurers helpline that such costs are covered by your policy.

In order to avail of such assistance you must contact your own Insurer’s Claims Emergency Assistance number. Please view our list of insurers Accident, Fire, Theft and Windscreen Claims Emergency Assistance numbers for further information.

Even though you may be claiming directly against the other party involved in an accident your should also notify us of the incident and complete an incident report form for record purposes. We can then advise you on how best to proceed with your claim.

Two options are available to you to process a car claim. The first option is where you wish to have the car repaired in your own garage or a garage of your choice. The disadvantage of choosing this option is that you will normally not be provided with a courtesy car or the hire of a temporary replacement car which would usually be available to you if you choose the second option. Insurers may also only pay the cost of repairs assessed by their own approved repairers if this is less than the repair costs of the garage chosen by you.

The second option is to avail of the Insurers Accident, Fire, Theft & Windscreen Claims Emergency Service where your car will be repaired by one of the Insurers approved repairers. If you choose this option you should contact the Insurers Accident, Fire & Theft Claims Emergency Service number.

The following is a step by step guide on how to make a car claim. If you encounter difficulties or you require assistance at any stage of the claims process please call our claims staff who will provide you with every help and assistance.

Step 1:

Contact us or your insurer immediately on the helpline numbers provided. Details of your claim will be taken and we will advise you on how to proceed with your claim. A claim form will be issued to you with our advice as to what you need to do to make your claim together with a request for any other information or documents such as estimates and invoices your insurer requires to process your claim.

It is important that all of these documents and information are provided promptly to your insurer as failure to furnish such information or documents within the time frame detailed in your policy, usually 30 days could adversely affect their attitude towards settlement of your claim.

If your claim relates to an incident of stealing, attempted stealing, loss of property or vandalism or loss, destruction, damage or injury by malicious persons you must immediately report the incident to the Gardai and ensure that the Garda Report section of the claim form is completed where applicable.

Step 2:

Where you have chosen the first option you will usually need to get an estimate of the cost of repairs and forward this to us with the completed claim form so that we can secure the approval of your insurer to proceed with repairs. Repairs to your car should not be carried out without first having obtained the approval of your insurer. Failure to obtain such approval could mean the cost of your repairs or replacement will not be paid by them.

Please take care not to incur storage charges, which can be expensive if your car is taken to a storage yard or bodyshop as such charges are not insured by your policy.

Step 3:

Depending on the extent of the damage to your vehicle repair costs may be approved immediately on receipt of an estimate or your insurers may appoint an Assessor who will be acting on their behalf to assess the damage to your vehicle. The Assessor will contact you or your repairer to arrange an appointment to inspect the damage and agree repair costs.

Please note that your are also free to appoint your own Assessor to act on your own behalf at your own expense.

If your vehicle is repairable we or the Assessor will notify you or the approved repairer of the agreed repair costs and you can then proceed to have your vehicle repaired.

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss or uneconomical to repair your insurers will assess the pre accident value of your vehicle which is based on the age, condition and mileage of your vehicle at the time of the accident and this will be the amount they will offer you in settlement less the assessed salvage value of the damaged vehicle, if any.

Please note that where your car is assessed as a total loss or deemed uneconomical to repair all cover under your policy will automatically cease on your car.

If your car is assessed as a total loss your car should be crushed and cannot be insured again.

If your car is assessed as uneconomical to repair and should you wish to repair your car and put it back on the road your insurers will require an independent Motor Assessors Report confirming that your car is in a roadworthy condition or alternatively a copy of a new NCT Certificate in order to reinstate insurance cover on your car.

Step 4:

Where repairs are involved, once repairs have been completed you should send on or arrange for your repairer to send on the repair invoice together with your written confirmation that you are satisfied with the quality of the repairs carried out. We will then arrange for your insurers to issue a settlement cheque less your policy excess, if applicable.

If you have availed of the insurers Emergency Claims Assistance service you will only need to pay your repairer the policy excess as your insurer will pay the cost of repairs directly to the garage on your behalf.

Where your car is deemed a total loss or uneconomical to repair once we receive your written acceptance of the insurers settlement offer based on the pre accident or pre theft value together with any documents or additional information they require which would normally consist of your vehicle licensing certificate, a leasing agreement, if any, a copy of your driving licence and the spare keys of the vehicle if your insurers are disposing of it on your behalf then we will arrange for your insurers to issue a cheque in settlement less your policy excess, if applicable.

Please note that in the absence of your instructions your policy will remain in force but all cover will cease on your car where it is deemed to be either a total loss or uneconomical to repair or is not recovered following a theft. If you wish to suspend cover under your policy following an accident or theft you must notify Glennon in writing and please note that no rebate in premium is usually allowed by insurers unless your policy is suspended for more than 28 days.

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Unrecovered Theft

Where your car is stolen and not recovered your insurer will not settle your claim unless your vehicle remains unrecovered for a minimum period which will vary with each insurer but is usually 28 days. . The settlement will be based on the pre theft value of the vehicle which is similar to the pre accident value described above.

It is only after the expiry of the unrecovered period that your insurer will deem the vehicle to be unrecovered and will then issue their settlement cheque when they have received the completed claim form and other information and documents similar to those required where your vehicle is deemed a total loss or uneconomical to repair following an accident.

Otherwise you should follow the step-by-step guide for all claims.

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If you are unfortunate to suffer a windscreen breakage or damage to the windows of your car and you wish to make a windscreen claim please notify the incident as previously explained. Most of our panel of insurers have approved windscreen repairers. Please view our insurers list of Approved Windscreen Repairers for further information.

The Windscreen Approved Repairers are usually available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and most insurers offer either unlimited windscreen breakage cover or a higher limit on windscreen replacement costs where the repair is carried out by an approved repairer. Where you use an approved repairer there is no need to pay the repairer as the cost will be paid directly to them by your insurer.

Most insurers do not apply a policy excess to windscreen repairs but where such an excess does apply you will need to pay the excess amount to the approved windscreen repairer.

If you wish to use your own garage to carry out the windscreen repair or do not wish to use an approved windscreen repairer a reduced cover limit may apply and it will be necessary to complete a windscreen claim form and provide us with an invoice for the cost of repairs when we will arrange for your insurer to issue a cheque in settlement.

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