Life Insurance Products cater for nearly all aspects of financial planning for individuals and families.

No one knows what the future holds – when they will fall sick or die. It is vital to plan for the inevitable and for the unexpected events that can happen to anyone at anytime.

You can protect your own and your family’s financial future by arranging a suitable Life Insurance Product.

Policies can be taken out to cover most eventualities including:

  • Mortgage Protection – covers premature death or a specified serious illness for the period of your mortgage loan.
  • Specified Serious Illness Insurance – pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses or medical conditions that the policy covers. It can be added as an extra benefit on a Mortgage Protection or Life Assurance policy.
  • Life Assurance – Provides a lump sum for your family, dependants or business.
  • Income Protection – ensures that you will have adequate monthly income if you become sick or disabled and cannot work.
  • Inheritance Tax Insurance – ensures that your loved ones receive your estate entirely tax free on the death of you or your spouse.


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