At Glennon, we believe in helping you make financial plans for your future.

Retirement is a time to look forward to. By saving throughout your working years, you can help ensure that when this time does come, you have the financial security to enjoy the years ahead and the things that you have always promised yourself.  A pension provides a tax-efficient way of helping you achieve a reasonable standard of living in retirement.

The earlier you start contributing to your pension, the better. You can save more money over a longer period of time and your pension fund will have more time to grow.

To learn more about the benefits of a pension and to find the right plan for you please contact us and one of our Pension Advisors will get back to you.

Personal Pensions

A Personal Pension Plan is a long-term personal retirement account that is designed to help the self-employed, or those whose employer does not provide a pension, save for their retirement in a flexible and tax-efficient way.  You are entitled to claim generous tax relief on contributions you pay into the plan, up to certain age-related limits, and any investment growth is also tax-free. Read more


A Personal Retirement Savings Account is a long-term personal retirement account, which is designed to make saving for your retirement as tax-efficient and flexible as possible. If you are self-employed or in non-pensionable employment, you have the option of setting up a PRSA into which contributions can be paid and/or transfers from existing pension arrangements can be made. Read more

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