At Glennon, we offer independent specialist advice on devising and setting up plans and selecting policies to suit each individual customer’s needs and expectations including the provision of life and disability cover.

Retirement Planning

The key to ensuring future financial security is advanced planning.

A properly designed pension plan should provide a realistic level of income on retirement from business or employment and adequately cater for the needs of your dependants in the event of disability or death. Those who are self-employed, company directors or employees need to regularly review their retirement benefit arrangements to make sure that their expectations will be met.

Personal Pension/Retirement Annuity

Personal Pension plans are tax efficient savings plans that enable you to save for a happy and relaxed retirement.

These are contracts effected with life assurance companies that afford self-employed and non-pensionable individuals the opportunity to provide themselves with retirement and life assurance benefits in a very tax-efficient manner.

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