We are seeing an increase in enquiries from firms purchasing vehicles which need to be insured in the name of their company.

Some firms are also looking to buy Electric Vehicles as they can qualify for generous Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) reductions, low car tax and Electric Vehicle Grants especially when purchased in a Company name.

This presents insurance difficulties for many companies who are trying to arrange insurance on vehicles where there is often no earned no claims bonus. Insurers often treat these risks as though the drivers are completely inexperienced, and either decline to provide a quotation or charge extremely high premiums which we feel are not a fair reflection of the risk.

Here at Glennon, we take the time to collect all relevant information about you.  We present to the insurers a picture of you and your business, your vehicle and what you will use it for, and more importantly, of who will drive and how experienced they are.  With this information, we are often able to secure generous levels of introductory bonus for you, ensuring that your premium is fair.

We can arrange these solutions on a single vehicle, mini-fleet or larger fleet basis; for private cars or commercial vehicles; for vehicles with and without bonus; and for a blend of vehicles registered in the name of the company or its Directors.


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