On the 24th April, Insurance Ireland, the representative body in Ireland for Insurance Companies, confirmed that a number of leading motor insurers (Allianz, AXA, FBD, RSA & Zurich) signed up to commitments on premium relief for motor customers, to reflect an expected lower volume of claims due to the travel restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 crisis.


Moya Murdoch, CEO of Insurance Ireland, explained that each of these insurers has a different mix of customers and different claims experience, and that they would each assess the impact on their customers and in turn pass on appropriate financial supports directly to them.


These insurers have also agreed to review this situation in the event that Covid-19 travel restrictions are extended.


Since that statement was issued, Liberty Insurance has also indicated that they too will pass Relief refunds to their customers.


All insurers who are issuing refunds have advised that they will issue them directly to their customers.  These refunds will not be issued to us and will therefore not be in a position to issue them to you.  The timing of these refunds is completely outside our control.


It is important to note that each insurer will decide for themselves whether or not to sign up to these principles, and if they do sign up to them, how much of a financial support they will provide to their customers, and how and when they will pass it on.


This is a dynamic situation and information is being updated regularly.  For the benefit of our customers we are outlying below the most up to date information we have available from the major Insurers who are currently providing motor insurance cover to our customers, and we will update this as often as we can.  If you have a motor policy arranged by us with another insurer, you can phone our Motor Team on (01) 707 5864 for an update.


Allianz €30 per policy for Private Car and Commercial Vehicle.
Aviva Aviva have indicated that they will not be providing a refund on existing motor policies.
AXA Not yet finalised but estimates from AXA are about €30 per policy.
Chubb No decision has been made about issuing refunds yet.
Dual No decision has been made about issuing refunds yet.
Footprint No decision has been made about issuing refunds yet.
KennCo KennCo are in discussions with their underwriters, AXA and Arch and it is under review.  There has been no decision made at this stage.
Liberty 15% of two months premium subject to min of €10.  A customer with a premium of €1200 will receive a refund of €30.  Indicated average refund will be circa €17.  Customers will have to request rebates beginning on June 8th on Liberty website.  They will be given a “cash equivalent voucher” or can ask Liberty to donate the amount to charity.
RSA €30 One4All voucher to all private car and van customers who had a policy in force on 31st March 2020.  These will be issued in the next few weeks.
Zurich Zurich have indicated that they will be processing a refund of €40 for each motor policy.  This is likely to be in the form of One4All Gift Cards, and Zurich expects to start issuing them from the end of May.


If you are certain that your car will not be used at all for an extended period, you may suspend your policy.  Typically:-

  • Fire & Theft cover will remain in force
  • No cover will be provided for using the car, even in an emergency
  • Any existing cover for driving other cars is removed
  • A policy would need to be suspended for more than 28 consecutive days to qualify for a premium refund.

If you are considering suspending your policy, you should call our Motor Team on (01) 707 5864 for more details.


Date last Updated : 11 May 2020