SFA Member Insurance Review

In partnership with Glennon, the SFA have arranged for its’ members to avail of a comprehensive insurance review with one of Glennon’s highly experienced and professional SME team.

In addition to providing exclusive rates for commercial Insurance, Glennons will review and design the insurance programme to meet the individual needs of each member.

The key features of this offering are as follows:

  • A Glennon risk review process that assists the members to ensure that the insurance protection purchased reflects their businesses risk profile.
  • A specific focus on Business Interruption risks to assist the insured to adequately protect their revenue streams and the underlying value of their company.
  • A pre-agreed claims management protocol to protect the insured company’s best interests in the settlement of any claims arising.
  • Access to a highly qualified service team that will deal with all matters promptly and professionally.
  • Access to a number of top rated insurers.
  • Bespoke policy wordings agreed by Glennon with insurers to provide wide insurance protection.

To learn more about Commercial Combined Insurance or to obtain a quotation you can contact Glennon by email, call on 01-7075979 or fill out the enquiry form here.