Glennons’ recognise the need for Apartment Owners and Management Companies to have appropriate and adequate Apartment Block Insurance.

In addition to protection of the apartment block itself Glennon recognise the need for protection against Loss of Rent, Alternative Accommodation, Property Owners / Occupiers Liability and Employers Liability.

Glennons can provide competitive pricing and broad policy wordings for apartment blocks.

In addition we aim to provide considerable and meaningful added value.

Our research has shown that management companies can spend considerable time on insurance administration, particularly when there are claims.   Glennons can help reduce the time spent on such matters via dedicated claims handling services.

In terms of general insurance administration queries we provide a dedicated service team and emergency contact assistance numbers available 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.

We are also available to attend AGM’s if so required to assist the management company in addressing any insurance queries that apartment owners may have.

We also provide training on insurance matters to the staff of management companies and/or apartment block owners.

In addition to the above, Glennons can also provide effective risk management assistance and services.  Once adopted, these risk management procedures can help reduce claims and importantly the claims frequency.  This lends itself to insurance premium consistency and stability and this can be a very helpful for budget purposes.

Glennons have access to extensive and wide markets for apartment block Insurance and we can help management companies satisfy the tender requirements as per the 2011 Multi Unit Developments (MUD) Act.

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