Glennon is a market leader in providing insurance solutions for Property Owners and Property Developers in Ireland. This sector presents complex exposures and liabilities, which demand the highest levels of specialist expertise. That’s precisely what our dedicated business team offers every client.

  • Expert and intimate knowledge of the insurance and indemnity provisions of Development Agreements, Building Contracts, Sub-Contracts, Agreements for Lease, Leases, Letters of Appointment and Collateral Warranties
  • Glennon are familiar with requirements of Financial Institutions and Lawyers and have procedures in place for the issue of insurance certificates and policies in forms acceptable to Financial Institutions, Investors and Legal Firms.
  • Glennon specialises in the arrangement of Owner Controlled Insurance Programmes which provide comprehensive “wrap around” cover including Contractors All Risks, Advanced Business Interruption, Liabilities and Latent Defects cover at competitive rates which eliminate gaps that may otherwise occur for major developments.
  • Glennon have been involved in many of the major development Projects in Ireland from the construction of the Beaumont Hospital in the 1980s to the development of the completed Dundrum Town Centre, the largest Town Centre in Ireland.
  • Market leaders in the provision of insurance and risk management solutions for Shopping Centres.
  • In depth expertise in handling Public Private Partnership contracts (PPPs).
  • Strong relationships with Insurers both here and abroad enables us to deliver comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions at highly competitive terms.
  • Facility to insure unoccupied properties

Access to insurance markets in Ireland and abroad through our global partner Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) enables us to bring the worldwide expertise of our global partners to solve local issues. Find out more at International Insurance.

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